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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coming soon to the country you live in

In each and every case of Hyper-inflation listed in the above slide show, the issue was caused by government mis-management, heavy overseas borrowing, printing money to alleviate a financial crisis and trade's being dissolved.

Does this sound familiar? No? Just listen to the news. Are you familiar with Quantitative Easing? It's real and it's happening. They are planning on screwing up our economy on top of the heavy borrowing, losing business and a grossly heavy handed government. That's right, the same thing that screwed up our economy and crashed all of us to some extent or another, buying debt, is being propagated by our own government. Except, instead of buying other peoples debt, they are printing money to buy their own debt. How is this ever seen as a good idea? Can you go out and buy your debt? People try by getting new credit cards to pay off the debt that is over due. That is just a car wreck waiting to happen.

We need to understand that there is not as much money in this country as there once was, a lot less. From early in the Twentieth Century until the mid to late Eighties, the United States was the worlds largest producer of consumer goods. That means that the world sent us their money to buy what we were producing. As the businesses and their leaders acquired massive amounts of wealth, a piece of that pie was demanded, and given to, the workers. As the wages went up, the cost of goods went up and the profit went down. As the profit went down the companies found that they could have the goods produced much cheaper by out sourcing the production of their goods.

And that started the long spiral downwards for our country. A person felt they should be making $100,000 a year or more to tighten a set of nuts on an assembly line - and they got it. In order to preserve the brand and conserve profits, companies started paying workers in other countries much less to do the same job. That means that money was starting to flow out of our country for goods that were being produced for our country, plus former workers could no longer afford to buy those goods. The very definition of an Ouroboros of there ever was one. As this struggle continued and companies were making less profit because there was a smaller buying public, they found it became smarter to sell the company to the highest paying bidder, in most cases these were foreign buyers. Now the profits are no longer staying in this country, but leaving it for the coffers of company in another country.

In almost each and ever case our industries or segments of those industries are being sold off and out sourced. The Unions and other socialists are demanding a larger and larger share of the pie. They seem to think that pie is as larger as or larger than it ever was and that is simply not the case. The pie is smaller. Rather than collecting taxes on profits of a company, the government are only collecting import fees and taxes. Yet we are spending more and more on bigger and bigger government as people think that they are owed something. They want a redistribution of the wealth in this country.

That is another slippery slope. The people in this country who know how to handle money already have it working for them and are creating the jobs for the rest of us. The rest of the general public have no idea how to handle and grow their money and it flows through their hands like sand in a wind storm as evidenced in the recent market crash. Greedy, self entitled, liberal fed people demanding gifts from the treasury and extending themselves beyond their means and expecting to be bailed out. It doesn't work that way.

The time has come to pay the piper. We must buckle down, pay off the debt, start living within our means, and bring our jobs back to our shores. Jobs paid at reasonable levels. The world is afraid of us doing this because we are one of the largest consumers of goods in the world! Other countries are manipulating their currency's value to keep us out of the race. If we don't do this then, in the very near future, the cost of the cup of coffee you are drinking is going to double by the time you finish drinking it. I predict that people will starve to death because they have no solid life skills. People have become so soft and used to being comfortable and having everything at hand that they are going to founder. The riots are coming.

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